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Forms and Bills
CL Application
EL Application
GPF Advance
GPF Withdrawal
Tour Advance
TA bill for Tour
Food and Local TA
Revised Newspaper Bill Reimbursement Guidelines
Newspaper Bill Reimbursement Form
Immovable Property Return Form
Medical Claim Form

Important Orders
22-05-2014 - Enhancement of Remuneration to Chairman, Controller etc for Evaluation of Answer Sheets
30-09-2016 - Delegation of financial powers to HoDs
06-02-2017 - Registration of App contracts in offline mode
22-08-2017 - Delegation of financial powers - NAPS Claims
21-09-2017 - Transfer of Technician (Vocational) Apps
08-06-2018 - SAMC Guidelines
31-07-2018 - Simplification of Referral System under CGHS
20-02-2018 - Laptop Purchase and Retention Rules
General Provident Fund - Rules

User Guides / Manuals / FAQs
NAPS Agency Creation Guide
PFMS User Guide
NPS Handbook

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