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Guidelines for submitting NAPS Claims (25 % of Govt share)
☑ Claims to be submitted in FOUR copies duly signed on each page (in A3 page format)
☑ Claims to be submitted in specified formats only (Download Claim Forms)
☑ Apprentices should have Aadhaar No.
☑ Apprentice Bank Account should be Aadhaar linked / seeded
☑ Proof of payment of stipend to apprentices to their bank accounts (Signed Bank statement or Annexure)
☑ Mandate Form (Original - First time or copy for subsequest submissions) - duly verified by Bank Authorities
☑ Establishment Bank Account No. entered in APP Portal and that in Mandate Form should be the same
☑ Stipend should be paid from the declared bank account only (of Establishment)
☑ All fractions to be rounded to nearest Rupee (at the place of calculation itself)
☑ Softcopy of claims to be sent (in Excel Format only) [Mention Estb Name and FY Claim Quarter in email subject line]

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